Looking for a game

I’m not sure weather this is on-topic or not, but I didn’t get any responses in the Off-Topic forum. I’m looking for a relatively high-quality 3D combat flight simulator, air- or space-based is fine. Multiplayer features would be nice, and other than those, I don’t have any specific requirements other than it be Open Source, and therefore free. Thanks!

I think you’re asking for a lot, but I could be wrong. And yes, this is the wrong forum.

Flight sim:
Space sim:


yes! Wrong Forum! this is not a Game Forum, but an CG art and Creation Forum :slight_smile: but if it has to do with Creation of a Game you might be go for Game Engine forum…but this is wrong place, we can’t have everyone posting everything here in News & Chat, that’s why we have an Off-topic forum (good for me so I dont need to read all that crap :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: - but that is just me :smiley: )

good luck!

/.Z :Z

Like The Z said, this is off topic, and therefore will be locked.

PS: Wheeee, christmas locking, my first real fun present :stuck_out_tongue:

eeer…theeth teeth…you’re tired or something? … as you see…I still can post in here…

so here goes nothing:


PS: if you got about 20$, buy freespace (1 or 2, but you should start with the 1 :P) I think both are now open source…they are space flight simulator…awesome storyline, and the graphic aren’t bad for an old game like this.

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