Looking for a Good, Free File Hosting/Sharing Service

Hey All,

As I have been doing more blender work two things are happening: 1.) I sometimes want to share my files, and 2.) these files can get rather large.

Am looking for a good, free online service to upload everything.

What’s the best to use?



Overall the best one I have found is:

@dleri, thanks for the plug.

@Dawgwood, if your looking to upload and share your blends with the community, we’d love to have them on Blendswap is great, if you don’t want them that free or your looking for maybe short term hosting you could always use pasteall.org


Pasteall link will exipre after some months or so.

I actually had a Dropbox account for receiving projects from a friend’s work, so I used it… although for free it only holds up to 2Gigs…

Will look into Blendswap because I like what I see there… :slight_smile: