Looking for a good hi res texture packs. Where to buy?

I am looking for high quality, uncompressed various themed texture packs. Does anyone know where I can buy them?
Thank you.

Arroway are very good:-

Some free hi-res textures:


Depends what you are looking for …

While free is good, I need something I can use in commercial project (a game).



http://zentextures.com/ What about a paid subscription at cgtextures.com? Many free sites have commercial allowances.

pm metaandrico, he maintains (or atleast used to) the blender scripts and pluging wiki. he has a material library you might get for free and be able to use it how ever you want. he also has a build on graphicall but itswin 64. syill you should be able to move the scripts folder into a different version of blender if needed.

I suppose Blender’s material library is far, far away from getting as good as photo sourced textures :wink: (any procedural materials for that matter).

Thank you guys, I will be looking into these resources.

Procedurals are VERY powerful! Do not look a gift horse in the mouth on that.

I have (many times, relaly) made complete scenes with nothing but Procedurals. for example my Guitar from a few months back.

Completely procedural textures.


As you can see nothing is impossible.

And as was said befoe, Arrow way is excellent. I don’t use them much anymore but they are a great resource (if you are wiling to pay…that is) and there textures are fantastic.

personally i use www.cgtextures.com

I’ve never bought textures before so I can’t vouch for service or quality but a quick search lead me to turbosquidand 3dtotal.

You can use my free textures at cgnexus.net for commercial use, but I don’t have a dslr so I highly doubt they are going to be near the quality you need if you are willing to pay. They aren’t tileable or anything so they require a little work.