($$$) LOOKING FOR A GOOD TEAM FOR - FPS /third person /RACING GAME ($$$)

We are looking for python scriptures, textures-able to bump map ,and low poly modelers to help complete a game in progress.
after the completion of level 1 corporate sponsorship will be sought $$$
there after sponsors will be represented in the game and you will start getting cash!

…and the standart first replay:

Any screenshots?

I can model low poly, and unwrap for UV texturing.

there are two separate armatures attached to this mesh tried using logic bricks for actions ,but going to need some scripting support for:
jumping ,
falling & hanging,
running and jumping,
shooting while walking ,
shooting while running,
pick up weapons & ammo,
get in car.
walk up stairs
; Camera change to first person while holding weapon or in car otherwise third person.also avoid character view being obstructed by objects in third person.


This car has a very nice script attached to it that makes it very realistic but it needs some minor tweaking >speed limit etc…

also this mesh is too high poly so its just not ideal for the game engine need bump mapping and low poly optimization so it dos not slow up the game.


can you bump map ? - (create high quality low poly model form high poly model),
that would be a used for some of the vehicles.

I am a python scripter . If you want me to be part of the team, please PM me

I am a modeler/texturer, if you need me PM me and let me know

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can anyone model and texture this to look exactly the same in low poly? interior aswell.


i can get the high poly model to work with

i can probably do it… although the high poly model would really help