Looking for a good texture , shader person


working on a game project and need someone interested in being involved
if you have game exsperance all the better
project can be seen here


only planing a two platform game PC and possibly PS ,
working with Blender and want to keep it uniform also plan to build it on UE4
and do have a monthly budget to work with. The good news is my budget is
permanent , steady and unlimited by time , payment will be a monthly salary
as an employee of Jappeto Models 3D with the opportunity for a partnership
profit sharing at the completion of the project , it is hoped that if it turns out well
enough it will lead into the next one.
am currently in talks with a few investors and it is hope I will be able to add
more talent as things go along.
feel free to email me if your interested for more details.
I can normally be found at the Deviant site.

Hello, what type of texture artist are you looking for? photorealistic? cartoon? And the shader person should be a coder? or somebody who can work with blender materials in cycles?

Sounds interesting, but just to be sure, here’s my sketchfab profile.

I don’t have too much experience in PBR, basically because i don’t have a top level machine, i sure can do the materials and textures, but not sure if can handle models way to heavy in tris count. I’m better in stylized looking graphics. I can give it a shot though.

If you still think i’m good enough then i’m onboard with your project.