Looking for a great Unity developer

(wanefawesome) #1


I’m looking for a Unity professional to take over a project. This is an awesome opportunity for the right person. The game is a vehicle design system that customizes different sections of the vehicle (Tint, wheels, wraps etc). The system works on Unity 4.6.1 since that was when the project was put on hold.

I am looking for someone who can go over the system and discuss what needs to be done with it as is with 4.6.1 or what would be needed to update to the current version of Unity. Please contact me for more information in regards to payment and any other questions you might have. Standard NDA is needed.

Here is link to a video of the project.


(Karma Play) #2

We are developing a racing game using the latest Unity. It might be possible to incorporate some of your features into our garage.

If you are interested, please Email.