Looking for a Highly Skilled Low Poly Modeler

Hi everyone. I am looking for someone to model a scene with props that are mostly machines. There are about 15 models total and my budget is $225. The scene is very cartoony and stylized and I need someone that is excellent with textures and can model the concept exactly as it looks (this is very important). The models would also need to be faceted and very low poly. The deadline would be about a week but I can be flexible if more time is needed. If you are interested, kindly pm me on here and we can discuss the project in more detail. Thanks!

I send you a PM.

iam interested my mail id is [email protected]
sivakumar bhavanantham

Ive sent a PM! :upside_down_face:

Hi my name is Carlos i am interested in this job.

email: [email protected] Thanks.

Hi Blender artists; just a short notice on poly1, I was given this assigment, completed all modeling and did not get any response from him. I tried to contact him several times but poly1 ignores my messages.

My advice for all you freelancers out there:

  1. do not trust this user
  2. always use at least 2 ways of getting in touch with a person you are planning to work with (I have never received his mail although I gave him mine)
  3. it was not a big sum of money (and I negotiated more than he offered) but try to get part of your fee in advance