looking for a kind of 'bake ik chain' script


there’s a project whose aim is to use ik chains in the game engine (can’t find the link now…)
meanwhile, I’d like to know if someone has already written a script that :

read the real location/rotation/scale of each ‘deform’ bone member of an ik chain
then key it in a new action.
thus to be able to use an animation made with ik in the game engine.

thanks !

hum well… let’s say this thread does not exist, thanks papasmurf :slight_smile:

np. for those wondering what he’s talking about, see my bake constraints and armature baking scripts, with tutorials on vimeo. (see sig)

I thought IK’s allready work in the GE, even pole targets.

not only this but also copy loc/rot/scale, limits, …tracking… schrinkwrap !! I almost cried :spin:
thanks Mad.
btw you see this ? http://durian.blender.org/news/rigify-auto-rigging-system/