Looking for a list of AMD CPU's supported in 2.75a

I just installed 2.75a and tried to render a small file with the GPU: the first time I was able to try this because previous versions of Blender didn’t support AMD cards. This file is simple and I have rendered in in Cycles and the CPU many times, so I know the file can render. But when I try to use the GPU, Blender sits for a few seconds and then just closes. Does anyone know if the ATI Radeon 5570 card is supported? Or where to see a list of supported GPU’s? I looked but I couldn’t find the information.


Thank you Richard. Sorry I posted in the wrong place. Anyway, it seems that my GPU is not supported. Is this something that AMD/ATI could possibly fix (patch? or?) or something the Blender developers might change. In any case, I’ll have to continue CPU rendering. Thanks again.