Looking for a mentor or teacher regarding certain aspects of modeling

So I’m looking for someone to kind of help me out with certain areas of 3d modeling. In many cases I can model most things great however I always wonder if I’m doing things “The right way”. I’m focusing mainly on hard surface modeling. To get to the point here are some subjects I would like to get better at:

-Topology:making sure everything is clean and can animate (If needed) properly for both high and low polygon models.
-Compositing:ways to improve renders so they look more professional.

So far its just these two areas but the rest I can always ask as a question later. I know there are some tutorials out there, let alone some you have to pay for but a majority of them don’t go into detail for specific shapes. Its always a cube or some basic shape used as an example.

If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it greatly and I do have skype as well. Don’t know if this is the proper spot to post this but I would be grateful for any help to improve myself so I can remove any doubt.