Looking for a Mentor

Hai my name is Xeiry, and i been trying to learn blender for a bit now but i am having problems with tutorials i am more of a one on one sort of student i am very and i mean very dedicated i want to learn to use blender is a little complicated for me as i never used a 3D Modeling software of any kind. I learned Photoshop on my own but is simpler, i would love if someone who had time and would like to help me out, any schedule you choose i will work around please i don’t know what i can offer since i don’t have any experience in 3D Modeling please i need the help, i really want to learn to model and rig.

My Skype is XeiryFFs or a message here thank you.

I’ve been working with Blender-3D for some time now. I currently have no job so my hours are open; do you know what areas of 3D you’d be most entered in learning.
Like Green-screen computer FX, simple animations, modeling, Game development, move editing, smock and/or fluid Sim, well blender kind of has it all but I think I could be of some help to get a grasp of it and the right places for more help if you get stuck like most people learning a new thing do.

Hai thank you so mush for replying, im most interested in modeling and im not sure how u say it but rigging i think thats how u say it i would luv it if you could teach me it would be the best thing that has ever happen ever.

I really want to learn modeling, i have problem with video tutorials, theres no one to stop and ask a question or to explain another way to get something accomplished. i would be eternaly grateful if you could teach me. I really want to learn.

I think I’ve sent you a skype add;
is your skype name Ry, xeiryffs ?