Looking for a model of "sackboy" from little big world game.

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on a sackboy model from the game Little Big Planet game. This is my second attempt at modeling. The first was “Captain Knowledge” from the Lynda dot com training DVD.

So far I’ve got the body the way I want him. I’m really having a problem making the zipper pull neck tie thing he has. So I was wanting to know if anyone knew where i could find a finished model so I could see how that part was dine by someone else. I don’t want to just texture it on. It should wiggle and jiggle when he moves.

Or any model of a zipper pull for that matter!

Thanks much and cheers!

To make him jiggle, you’ll need to make him into a softbody. Getting the correct settings can be kind of tricky, so check out the docs thoroughly.


It’s the 6th post, kind of highpoly, but it’s great.