looking for a model.................

does anyone know of a model of the dreadnaught class corvet from independence war in light wave, 3ds, dxf, or anything other format???

here is a link to a page that discribes it.

im looking for a model too :wink:

this is kinda off topic, but i have heard of what you are looking for, and if anyone has one, i would love to have the file, too

Model it youselves!

Trying new projects allows you to search out and try new techniques that you haven’t learned in the past. In the last few monthes I’ve gotten a lot better with blender, simply because I’ve tried new projects which have forced me to learn new princibles and techniques.


well i don’t want to make the model if someone else has it

i am also looking for a model of:
a stargate
babylon 5

i plan on updating this list soon

Someone’s a bit lazy. :-?

Listen to dittohead; even if someone else has amde it, it’s very good practice to make your own. Why are you even using blender if you’re not willing to make your own models?

i hate using otehr peoples models. it makes me feel insicure, and i cant even say “i made the whooole image!!” you have to say"i made everything but the best part, that awesome model i borowed from some guy !"

its just kidna screwed up. the only time i would EVER use someone elses model, is if i was asked to use it.

Very well said.

I disagree. You can hand the “same paintbrush” and the “same paint” to 50 different artists and each will create a different result. The same applies to models. 3D models are just tools, as is Blender, used to communicate ideas through visual media.

All art is derivative. None of us will ever create something that is completely “unique,” because all of our work (3D included) is based upon the human interpretation of visual work. The best we can hope for is to communicate new concepts, new visions… or to express “old” humanistic concepts in new ways.

If I give a model to someone else, they can (1) learn, and (2) use that model to express something that I would have never done if that model was sitting on my hard drive – possessively unused because it was “mine.”

Likewise, if I need to create a animation that expresses a story or concept, I could spend years just modeling the required elements for one scene. Wouldn’t it be better for any of us to tell the story, to express the ideas more quickly because we didn’t have to spend as much time with modeling?

Do you think models are all custom created for Hollywood? No. Many of them are purchased and when needed, adapted for the story. Don’t sit there and watch the most advanced CG work and think that it was done by one artist. If they can use models created by other people, why can’t the rest of us? Anyone who limits themselves that way is doing exactly that – limiting themselves.

This is different if the model is within itself the only reason for the art. If the best you can do is “make a helicopter,” then you should be worried about giving away “your model.” But to an artist, they are proud when their work is shown to be influential for someone else’s art. That means they made a difference. To an artist, the point is to share ideas, to communicate concepts. That cannot be achieved if we all try to “reinvent” the wheel.

All of our abilities at art, even the ability to read, are based upon the derivative works of MILLIONS of artists and designers before any of us were ever born… or before even our countries existed. It is only once we understand our place in history – and culture – that we can really be free to create.

Possessiveness of creativity, or the denial of the creativity of others, does not work to anyone’s benefit.

This entire concept of possessiveness and the need to be completely independent of other artists is completely illogical when we are using an open source program, created by many other people, a free program giving us the tools for creativity. Being possessive of knowledge or skills is completely contradictory to the entire concept of open source.

i agree with joguy923

akator: Yes, but you’re assuming that the models aren’t the main part. Also, who ever said hollywood had any morals? :wink:

Also, you should probably only borrow models if you’re pretty sure you currently know how to make it, and doing so would be a waste of time. It’s best if you find one you could’ve made in a few hours, and improve upon it.

dipwhatever: What? I thought you were the one that wanted to use someone elses model in the first place…

Yes, I’m referring to art and greater creativity, not the pure representation of objects. That can be done with a camera.

It isn’t about morals. If people in these forums compare their work to what is professionally produced, they should also be willing to apply the same creative ethics.

I’m not the one who has created these standards, other people are. If they are going to compare their work, they should really compare their work using all of the variables that are necessary.

Agreed. But if those models aren’t available, there is nothing to learn from and nothing to improve upon. Using the models created by others doesn’t mean you are immoral or uncreative, especially if their models are of high quality. Using other people’s models doesn’t mean there is not need for modeling skills. Simple question: how many times do we all need to create an apple? Why do it when someone else has already done a great job? Accept the apple and spend time modeling the person cutting the apple with the knife.

Model archives will never kill the need for skills, they will just give an opportunity for someone to create new, better models instead of doing the same S**T all over again. How many times do car tires need to be modeled?

This argument for everyone “creating their own perfection” has been attempted for centuries… and it has failed. Rubens copied the sculptures of Michaelangelo, are you going to say his paintings were less because his work was based upon another artist and not a real human model? The “New Beetle” shows many design elements from the original, but are you going to deny the designer of the new car his artistic credit because it was derived from something old?

Why do we all need to recreate the same apple, the same car tires?

No one is going to improve on the perfection of the real thing. The best apple rendering I’ve ever seen was done 300 years ago, not by modelers using a computer program but by a man with some paint and a brush. Why? Because the artist captured the “essence.”

Why is the technicality, the ownership of technicality, so important?

i ment i agree with akator

I definately agree with joguy.
Anyone who uses other peoples’ work are not only fooling the people who see their images into thinking that it’s their’s, but they’re fooling themselves into thinking they’re good at Blender.
You’re not. And it will never be your image no matter how good you spice it up.
This is why I stay a mile away from Bryce and Poser.

I disagree. You can hand the “same paintbrush” and the “same paint” to 50 different artists and each will create a different result. The same applies to models. 3D models are just tools, as is Blender, used to communicate ideas through visual media.

What gave you THAT idea?

3D models aren’t “tools”, they’re art, they’re something unique and new to each artist who creates it.

Blender is the catalyst (tool, but still blender is art in and of itself) that creates the art (models).

If models are just “tools” then so are textures, animated models, materials etc.

And if these things are just “tools” catalysts for creation, then the final product means nothings. You have jus offended many many artists.

Blender is paint and paintbrush. The model is what is what is painted.

Do you think models are all custom created for Hollywood? No. Many of them are purchased and when needed, adapted for the story.

I resent that even further. I AM NOT hollywood!!! [!]

“Hollywood” does it for explicit monetary gain, nothing more.

I will do it as my life’s work, for money yes, but I enjoy it and strive to be better as an artist. Not a money hungery fool.

Someones lazy and has alot of time to write really long posts, where he could have been modeling something that he needs, that no one here is going to give him. Comon man use your time wisely your obviously not concered with your own work. (If you have any)
In that ten minutes it took you to write that post I could have created the basic outline of the ship.

Strategoi: I don’t grt who you are talking about. I would not accuse akator for being lazy. He do a lot of work for the blender community! And he just claims that it can be occations where it makes more sense to borrow a model than modelling it yourself.
I would rather make a model myself. Since you get the feeling of having made it yourself. But that’s for the artist to choose, as long as he tells wich part he made by himself a not ofcourse.

It’s my opinion. You can take it for what it is. Anyone can disagree, that’s the great thing about an open discussion and art. Differing opinions are valid.


I could list my qualifications here… I have taught in 3 universities; I have written a series of articles on design that have been read by hundreds of thousands around the world; I have a 300 page illustrated book about art and design that is about to be published; my paintings have been shown in museums; I have worked in CG since 1990… and I could go on creating yet another “really long post” all about myself. But I don’t need to promote or prove myself, since my work already speaks for itself.

But it doesn’t mean my opinion is a better opinion than anyone elses. I respect other people’s opinions, even if I don’t agree with them. That is one of the necessary qualities for anyone wishing to communicate to others in any media, including art…

Well I dont mean to be rude(even if I am) its just that one you come to a forum asking for models you are most likley a noob that can still improve his work by making things. (not saying I am past the ‘noob’ level)
Akator I was referring to Dippmaster, I was calling him lazy.
I guess our opionions are diffrent, which is ok aslong as you could model that ‘thing’ that you borrowed yourself. I would just much rather be able to say that I created this image and its mine, “heres the list of people who let me borrow models so I could create this wickied image”

I partly agree with you about the general discussion (not about Dippmaster specifically). There have been many cases where people steal models created by other people and take credit for the work. This immoral behavior is common in many communities, but not in the Blender community – at least from what I’ve seen. I find this to be on the same level as sampling another musician’s works and not giving credit and “Photoshoping” an artist’s work and claiming it as one’s own.

But there is a greater good that is still better served, especially in a community like this where we have many people learning skills. The educational value from being able to “touch” the models created by others is enormous. Even with my experience, I can’t count the number of times I could have learned something from seeing how someone else applied a technique with Blender, since it is not the same with other software. Being able to actually “see” their models has taught me more about Blender than any manual or tutorial could accomplish…

Please note that the Blenderman Model Archive is for educational use and private use only. Commercial use, redistribution, or public performances of any of the models must be approved by the model creators. This will not keep a naturally dishonest person from stealing work – but it gives the opportunity for the model creators to accept commercial work and payment and gives them the legal opportunity to pursue restitution and achieve their proper recognition. One of the goals of Blenderman is for us to professionally join together to become stronger, because as a team and organization we are socially stronger than we are as individuals.

It is only with banding together, instead of being “islands,” that we will all bring Blender and the Blender community to a professional level, to be respected by the other 3D communities across the world.

i have fund a model of the dreadnaught at www.scifi3d.com