Looking for a Modeler for a Small Game

Hello all, my name is Terran Thomas. I’m looking for a generalist modeler to work on a small action game. It would mostly be characters with some environment art.

Project Name: Project Hero (Working Title)
Project Length: Not Sure
Compensation: Rev-Share

Project Description:
The game is a super hero third person action game, heavily inspired by Dragon Ball Z, with a focus on simple but fast paced, over the top gameplay, and a simple story.

Genre: Third Person Action
Setting: Super Hero
Game Modes: Single Player - Co-op
Platform: PC - Mac
Engine: Unity
Graphics: 3D

My Contributions:
I am the Game Designer, Lead Concept Artist, Learning 3d Modeler, Animator and Writer for the team. I‘ll be handling the game design, the concept art for the characters and enemies, animation and the story.

There’s no gameplay at the moment, but there is some finished concept art, as well as place holder models and animations.

If your interested and/or would like to know more, feel free to pm me, and please include your name, age, location, skill set, links to your previous work if applicable.

Concept Art


Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]
Discord: Terran.TATDesigns#8518