Looking for a modeler/rigger/generalist for small project

(Ashenrock) #1

I’m searching for a modeler and rigger or a generalist with strong skills in those areas to help me put together a short project. I need one character and a bird modeled and rigged to allow me to animate them. I will most likely do most, if not all of the scenery modelling and texturing but that can also be discussed after the character models are complete.

I have degrees in both Film and Computer Animation and I worked for 10+ years doing vfx for film (mostly compositing and supervision). This current project came about because of an opportunity that arose to pitch an IP I created years ago to Netflix. I originally produced a 72 page, fully colored and lettered graphic novel that was to be the first chapter in an ongoing series. I lived in New Orleans at the time and Hurricane Katrina changed my world. I put the project aside and after all this time, a friend and colleague asked me to resurrect it.

I have the original comic, 200+ concept art pieces (both pencil and in color), and am currently editing and finishing the scripts for the “first season”. Our plan is to make a short proof of concept. I always hoped to use Blender as I feel it is more than powerful enough and I love the community. The short will consist of a character performing a kata with his sword. I am working with a choreographer to solidify and record the movements. I need someone to model and rig the character for me.

The character on the left is what I would need modeled. The hat, cloak, and sword would need to be separate. He puts both the cloak and hat on at the end; cloak off screen.

My attempt to find some help is twofold. Firstly, I have a lot to organize and put together for this project and I could really use some good help. I haven’t worked hands-on in Blender for a few years but for a few times and I feel this is an amazingly talented community. I want to showcase that. The second reason is that once this project is done, if the pitch goes through, I will have to ramp up production quite fast. This project isn’t only a proof of concept for the look and feel but also the production pipeline. I’m hoping to secure some good connections and begin to build a potential team.

I posted here in volunteer because I currently don’t have a budget; for myself either. There is great opportunity down the line if all pans out. I’m working on this solo in my spare time until I can put it out and make the pitch. It needs to be good quality work though. If an agreement is met, you will have access to the original comic plus all the concept art for reference/inspiration. I would definitely want to have an ongoing conversation with any potentials. Separate ideas make a project great. Please comment with a link to your work/portfolio or message me for further details. I’m hoping to get started as soon as possible but there is no solid deadline. I’m really just looking to find some great artists.

Derek Bourque