Looking for a Modeler, Texturer and Animator for Snow(Game)

I’m currently programming a game and looking for a partner(s). The Game is called Snow.

The game will be a 2.5D story driven side scrolling puzzle/platformer. What I mean by 2.5D is that the objects will be in the 3D, but the camera perspective will be the same as a side scrolling game(like Mario).

Rough Concept
The player plays as a kid on Christmas. Every time a level is beaten, the game fast forwards exactly one year to Christmas again. Each year his life gets worse, and we will see how he deals with it. By the end of the game the player should have had a ton of fun, and be asking themselves some psychological and/or moral questions.

Art Style
The models should look toony and stylized. Somewhere along the lines of Team Fortess 2. I haven’t fully fleshed out the details for the style. We can work together to get a unique and attractive look.


There wont be that many animations in the game. Just These:

  • Running(player, enemy)
  • Walking(player, npc, enemy)
  • Jumping(player)
  • Maybe some fully animated cut scenes.

PM or leave a reply here if you have any questions. We will be communicating primarily on Skype. We might be using an SVN.