Looking for a modeller to model two disney character head only (without hair or textures)


I’m planning on doing an animation of a short fancomic online that involve two disney characters: Hiro and Tadashi Hamada from Big Hero 6.
Modelling the body and clothes is okay for me. However, I tried but can’t manage to model the head.

Can someone help me please? I just need a model of their heads, in low poly if you prefer, that I can animate then. No need to model the hair or to add textures.

Thank you :slight_smile: !

You would probably receive more responses if you tell us who you are and why we should care about your project

I’m just a beginner in 3d art and I’d like to practice more in my free time. I do not work for money and I cannot pay. So, you can say that this project is just a hobby, an idea. It is obvious that you can refuse considering that I don’t pay you.
I’m just looking for some help. That’s all ^^

As it’s your hobby and you do in free time, I would recommend you to practice yourself.
There are a lot of tutorials out there.
Here’s a nice tutorial as per your needs.

Learn fishing in free time. :smiley:
You’ll fish forever.
Good luck.