Looking for a new home

Hi everybody,
In this picture, a white teddy bear that is afraid because the place where he lives disappears, decides to take the umbrella he found amongst lots of objects lost in the sea, and to leave in order to find a new home.
When I did this, I had liked the lighting because it gave a painted effect to the water but maybe that it looks weird :), anyhow what do you think about it?

Considering how polluted the sea is, he’s better off finding a new home on another planet. I like the fur, it looks fluffy, but what makes me sad is not the bear’s story but so much trash floating around :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree. With polluted seas, he needs to find a new habitat quickly.

Yes, it’s true :slight_smile: I wanted to criticize the melting of the floe and the pollution of the water but actually I think (or I hope at least), that it’s not so much polluted yet so far from the cities.

I wish the best of luck for your bear :slight_smile: Very cute picture.