Looking for a nice game to play online

I am looking for a game which i can play online with my boy, he is 7. It can not be to violent. He is at the moment on the other side of the planet (sort of speak) so it should be a game where we can both login from a different computer but still can play togehter … I am noob at this kind of stuff



World Golf Tour

free. online. nothing to download.

I’m not sure what might be “too violent” for you and your boy, so perhaps check them out before inviting your son. Here is a few I enjoy with my kids.

Wizard 101 https://www.wizard101.com/
free starting area, then memberships or purchasable areas. Violence: Card battle game

Pirate 101 https://www.pirate101.com/Free starter area, purchasable areas or membership. Violence: Card Strategy game, combat

GameGlobe http://www.gameglobe.com/
Create or play others’ games. Violence: Some combat games

I think that is a little too soft for him :), he’ll go like “daddy, I’m bored …”

good idea though, thanks for the input

unfortunately, these two are only for mac and windows, I’m linux/kubuntu :))

stuff to be downloaded, aaah, won’t work

Try chess - most boys need to learn that game.

Minecraft. It’s really not difficult to host and good family fun.

https://www.teeworlds.com/ Easy and funny :), enjoy it !.

I second Minecraft. It has the joy of playing Lego again for the parent and the joy of… Lego for the child.
Comes with Adventure, feeds creativity (build and craft), and requires you to plan ahead and teaches cultural skills (food, shelter, taming and breeding animals, collecting material and food). Has slight violence fighting your average zombie and skeleton. And on top of all, it’s an easy concept, easy to play, but nicely complex.

There are some FOSS approaches to Minecraft as well if you want to trail it, as well as a free demo. But the original Minecraft is just the best IMO and well worth the money.

I will try this one

Here is a game I played when I was young.


Puzzle Pirates, it’s free and browser based.

MINECRAFT-- I forgot this one. It would be a definite hit.