Looking for a nice Light Theme

Hi guys

I love light interfaces. They are a lot more clear and readable to me than dark ones. While Blender’s Dark theme is very good, I’m unsatisfied with the Light one. It has way too much contrast in a lot of places like input fields, editor backgrounds etc.

Does anyone know of a modern Blender Light theme?

Mayb you found some here:

If you have a fitting theme and just want to change the colors completly you can save them and do a seach and replace for the colors.


Oh those look nice! Gonna rock them for a while to see if they have staying power. I won’t tag as solution yet, I’m curious if there’s others.

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That’s definitely an interesting one! But a little too monotone for me. I’m missing some color for showing button states, selection, etc. Could be a really great theme with some tweaks. Reminds me of the old days of Blender :grin:

What about this one?

Very nice, but like the default Light theme with the high contrast, not for me. Currently using the Piano White theme from the first reply and loving it so far.

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