Looking for a paid artist to create a texture for a Warhammer 40k 3D model

I’m looking for a reasonably good 3D artist who could create a texture for a Tabletop Simulator 3D model for me. I like playing Warhammer 40k in there, and I don’t have the time nor experience to create a texture for a model I want to use.
I’m a single person and at most your job would be available for free at Steam’s Workshop. I would not profit from it in any way whatsoever.
I want to color a Praetorian Guardsman model, in other words, one of these miniatures, but in Blender:

I already have the model, all I want is a color texture for it so it isn’t just grey.
DM me your prices and we can negotiate, I can pay you via Paypal only.


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