Looking for a particular music video made with blender

Hi all,

I remember seeing a music video which was titled “True Love” or “Love at First Sight” or something which was made with blender. It’s really funky and has a very offbeat theme.

There’s this guy who sees a girl standing at the top of a hill with some cookies or pizza or something. The guy looks at her and immediately rushes to where she stands.

It has a scene in which a book case rises from the ground under his feet and then he jumps off it and pulls out a book on “How to win over women” or something.

Then he visualises a truck to take him there which spontaneously manifests itself. But it turns out to be a very tiny truck and he ends up riding it all the same …

I’m sorry, I’ve been going nuts trying to locate this music video over the last 2 days. I remember it having a very catchy theme and was quite nice to look at. I’d highly appreciate it if someone can help me find this video :(.

If it helps, the page where I saw this video also had another short music video of a spaceship bouncing off planets or something in rhythm.