Looking for a pen tablet recommendation

Like it says in the title.

I’m sure a lot of you work with a tablet for texture painting and such because of the superior accuracy compared to a mouse. I know next to nothing about them and would appreciate some recommendations as to what would be a good entry level model to get.

It will be my first tablet so it doesn’t need to be anything super awesome. But I don’t want a piece of junk either that despite being cheap just ends up being a waste of money. Just an accurate tablet with the basic features. If it was pressure sensitive it would be nice.

Or alternatively if someone could point me to a place on the web with professional product reviews?

Thanks everyone.

Wacom intuos is the standard entry level tablet I think.

Like was said, Wacom is the industry standard. The other brands just haven’t matched the quality yet, and it may be a while before someone else manages to really compete with Wacom in that department. I would recommend getting a bamboo rather than an intuous for your circumstances. Intuous is good for professional applications, but you really don’t need all those extra features if you are just a hobbyist. Save your money and get a Bamboo.

I’ve owned a Bamboo for years and it only cost me about £60 at the time. Quite content to use it for painting in Artrage and sculpting in 3DCoat. I have noticed it applies pressure sensitivity in 3DCoat.

Get a wacom intuos 3. I use one at work, it’s lovely. Have 2 at home too.
They’re super cheap now. Don’t use it much with blender but it’s great for zbrush, compositing and other things.

I used a Genius i608x for a while, and it worked really well. I haven’t had any complaints about it (and it was really cheap). These days I use the wacom digitizer that’s built into my Lenovo Yoga S1. Yup, it has a proper stylus built in.

Wacom is probably the most recognized name. I personally have an Intuos, but a bamboo is cheaper and will work as well if you can’t afford the Intuos. If you have money to spend, the Cintiq line has a screen built into the tablet surface, like an iPad or Android table, but mirroring what’s on your computer screen. Find out which option works for you, and pick one.