Looking for a Plug-in for dirt generation


As most of you will know, adding convincing dirt/erosion/wear to objects and materials in Blender can be a very tedious task, especially compared to other software like Substance Painter, Substance Designer or VRay. Sure, we have the AO node, the Bevel node and the Geometry node, but all of those require a lot of tinkering and some vector math or texture/noise mixing in order to get a satisfying result. Also, those setups usually look good on one model but then have to overhauled for another.

In Substance Painter we have the quick smart mask tools of course, and in VRay for 3dsMax we have the VRayDirt node, which is amazing. It has a lot of parameters and allows for quick generation of edge wear, dirt accumulation and streaks:

Then there is RichDirt, a VRay-Plugin, which is even more efficient and variable: http://www.enrichpro.com/en/richdirt/index.html

I would love something like that in Blender. Does anybody know of a plugin that enhances on Blender’s existing algorithms or nodes and provides a similar service?

Also, if you have ideas on how to speed up the dirt generation workflow in Blender and how to make it more consistent, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you for reading.

Blender’s compositing system can be used to overlay textures onto real world object materials.
:arrow_down_small: Watch the beginning time slot in the video that I marked if you don’t understand what I mean.

I think you can do edge wear with an AO mask.

I bought a plugin called Grungeit…a bit slow to work but gives some decent ‘dirt’ textures.
Also got a plugin called One Click Damage - which models random edge wear and damage and can be useful as well.

Thank you for the Grungeit tip, I might give it a try.

One Click Damage I already bought, but unfortunately I couldn’t really get it to work. Never worked on more complex objects (more complex than primitives) for me. Did you have a better experience?

Thank you for the good advice. I really have to get into compositing. I think this will be very useful for larger scenes with repeating objects.

Yes, and it can produce good results, but unfortunately it needs quite a few nodes and texture modulation to look good and therefore can be very time-consuming. Also, you have to change many of the sliders once you apply it to an object of a different scale.

Mask Node
Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ou5qg0noWx0RrP4HNhf095npa91dCpou/view

Surface Imperfections

Worn Edges

Edge Wear

PBR Materials - Textures (Dirt)

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Also there’s the ambient grunge node.

Honestly, I’ve barely used the grungeit - it’s definitely neat but takes a while esp. to create 4k maps …and then I don’t quite understand exactly how it works…
The OCD is cool but I only tried it on very low poly models otherwise I think it would crash my computer