looking for a plug-in/script to turn an image sequence into video file automatically

I am wondering if a plug-in or script like this exists. I am aware that blenders video sequence editor can do this. there is more to it then that. read on.

when you tell blender to render out a video, it can do it in two basic ways:
one way, it can render out every frame of the video in a sequence of still images, such as .jpg or .png.
the other way, blender can give you a single video file such as h.264.

Basically, we need both. The way we render out videos, we MUST use a still image format first, so we will end up with a sequence of images. After that, someone will have to take those images sequences and tell blender to make that sequence into a finished video file, like H.264. The problem is that we do this a lot, and it takes a significant amount of time to wait for blender to convert all those image sequences into finished videos.

What would be ideal is if blender could automatically detect when the last frame of the image sequence completes, and then the computer that finishes that last frame will take all the frames and make a video out of them which outputs to the same directory as the image sequence. This way, we would end up with the raw image sequence as well as a finished video file after we let blender render the animations out overnight. I don’t know if you are familiar with cameras and photography, but many cameras have the ability to save a .jpg + RAW file every time you take a picture. This way a photographer will have the flexibility of a RAW file if he wants to work with the image further, as well as the finished product of the .jpg file with no extra work. This is kind of what we are going for here. Not so much for flexibility, but to have another part of the workflow done automatically by blender.

if nothing like this exists, we may be willing to pay someone to create it for us.

There is a script written by macouno (http://www.macouno.com) for the generation of Entoforms (http://www.entoforms.com). Script for autosaving rendered images, which does fire when render process is finished and saves result. Not sure if that is the same event as when Render Animation ends. If it was, then all what’s needed would be to form a command line and fire ffmpeg instead of file write in this script.