Looking for a poseable 3D model of a macaque monkey


We are looking for a poseable, textured model of a macaque monkey. We need something that is fairly realistic looking. It doesn’t need to fool people that it is a real monkey, but it should not look like a cartoon. It should be a rhesus macaque (or a similar-looking monkey).

We will need to render images of the model in different poses (e.g., hands on the ground, sitting, etc). The available poses should resemble the kinds of poses that macaques adopt in the wild. You can see examples of these in the photos on the Wikipedia page for rhesus macaque.

We will need to render images with small, parametric changes in the pose. I would eventually write a script to render images with different pose parameters. We aren’t doing animation but I believe we are looking for something similar to the kind of model that you would want if you were.

We do not need the texture to have a very high resolution. The final rendered images will be 256 X 256 pixels.

Does anyone know where we could find a model like this? Any idea how much it should cost? I realize that we might need to commission an artist specifically to make this. Could someone give me an idea (roughly) how much that might end up costing?

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I’d do it for $120, satisfaction guaranteed, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it.
Should be able to do it in 2 weeks or less(unless my computer goes down or something).

if you want this monkey I can give you

Just to show you a small example, I modeled the head (might still do some tweaking on it, and doesn’t have the textures yet).

I would be willing to work on it for you. Either pm me or email me at [email protected] and we can talk about it. Im going to do the monkey whether you want it or not. Give me a week and I will have something for you to see.

I can create the 3D model of a real monkey, I can’t put any link to my portfolio in here, so please email me or add my Skype.
My email: [email protected]
Skype: vincent050882
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

i am not a designer but a vet and have many photos of macaques
is this what you need ?

Is this something like this what you are looking for? This is by far a finished work. I just threw this together to see if Im thinking about the work as you requested. If so I will continue to work on it.