looking for a programer and texture artist

Fear Of The Dark

Evil has struck the planet and destroyed everything accept your two friends that brought you back to life. In the meantime they died and now you are alone. Demons, monsters and shadow creatures are all around you.

Live or die. Make your choice. (buahaha!)

Hey! We are searching for a texture artist for the Fear Of The Dark game. This is a project led by Graham. We have currently 15 people on the project but we still need a texture artist and a programmer. We are not sure what program we should use to put the game together, any suggestions are welcome:D

Fear Of The Dark project page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fear-Of-The-Dark/137735052941099?v=wall#!/pages/Fear-Of-The-Dark/137735052941099?v=wall

my youtube - www.youtube.com/mrerrorman

note: The project has been active for over two months now but the project page is fresh. On my youtube there are videos with my Fear Of The Dark models and animations so you might want to check that out too:yes:

Thanks, Blendermonkey

I’m working on my own game right now, so I can’t help but…wow. Excellent animations. I will definitely follow this game. Keep it up.

Thank you :wink:

Anyone else? :confused:

I’m kind of a beginner but I wouldn’t mind doing some programming for you. I could try, at least :slight_smile:

Until you find a good programmer, that is :wink:

Send me an idea of what you want the char to do, and the .blend file, and I’ll try to whip something up.


I am Python/C/VB6/Linux/Mysql/PHP Programmer and I use Blender/DazStudio/Anme Studio/Poser in my work.

See this Video.

This is Daz3D Character, Imported in Blender. Created pz2 file with Mimic for Daz Studio. In Daz Studio made this character sing that song. Used Daz QT Language ( like C) and exported the morph keys to a Text File. In Blender Opened that Text file and applied the morpfs in Blender to the imported character thrugh python. Mixed Song+Blender Animation with 3rd party software and created a mpg file to uploade.

and see this video
this is done thru python.

I work in Animation and not in Games.