Looking for a Programmer to finish project


We are looking for a programmer to finish principle work on a game project. It is a 3D RPG. Most of our other assets are complete (sound, animation, 3d models, dialogue). Looking for a dedicated and interested programmer to join our team and help complete the demo we have been working on. This is a volunteer role right now, we do plan on launching a kickstarter and having a rev-share finance model, but the game has to be in a completed state before we move to fundraising.

What engine you use??

Sorry for the late reply, buy we use unity!

The INT Project is seeking a talented UNITY developer and or programmer to join our team. We are a small group of developers and hobbyists who have been working on a sci-fi game for several years.

Much of the 3d artwork is complete, as is the remainder of the assets. We also have a code base to work from. We are looking for an active developer ro join the project, take stock at our assets, and finish the development of the code base and game.

Please message us for more information and an interview.

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Hi Kaden,

I am a developer with a decent amount of experience using Unity over the past few months, and I specialize in programming. If you still need help I would love to meet and discuss this opportunity with you! You can send me an email at [email protected] if you would like to chat!