Looking for a really skilled Blender artist in Atlanta GA For an NFT project:

I have a project in mind which involves Greek Mythology. It will be one of a kind and the first of the kind in the NFT market. It is an exceptional idea.
3 to 5 minutes of a video sequence to tell a story artfully.
Involves a main character, one other character and a few sailors.
The main theme is a sea voyage, couple of dolphins, Whales, Sunrises, sunsets, clouds, Night sky with stars and weather changes…
What we make we share equally.
Name: Murali Subu
email: [email protected]

I’m interested in joining you. I have specialization in 3d modeling focusing on Hard Surface modeling. My portfolio is https://www.artstation.com/amombao, Feel free to look at it.


Hi Anthony,
Thank you for your email. Your 3D models look good. This project needs a lot more than just models. Do you have any work done in 3D Motion Art Videos? Let me know and send me a link…
Also if you know a good studio in Philippines who will work on this project it will be good to get the project done. The idea is simple but the depth and meaning is big. The work should be of such high quality that is will sell for a good price. We can all partner and share.
Let me know,
Thank you,

Also let me have your direct email address.