Looking for a Rig Artist to setup our character....

I searched the forum and didn’t see any topics specific to hiring someone… so I hope this is a good spot to post this.

I am an animator. I have recently learned that I totally suck at rigging. But I have a big deadline looming and am quickly realizing that if left up to me, this rig will never be finished.

So, that said, I’m looking for a rigging artist willing to rig our smartphone character. It’s a smartphone with mechanical arms. We are a small start-up in it’s early phases. Everything is copyrighted but you could use the rig for your portfolio.

I really need help. If there’s anyone out there willing to take this on - PLEASE email me today :slight_smile: Thanks-J.

Watch my Videos all in Blender. I am expert in Rigging in Blender.
mail me at [email protected]