Looking for a rigger and possibly animator for my ostrich.

Hello Blender forums

ive been a lurker for a little while, learning how to 3d model from tutorials and videos. I am making a student documentary on a type of giant extinct ostrich called a moa. However i reached a point where i need some help with my model.

I have trouble with constructing a good rig and I understand this is essential for proper animation. My model is very simple and anyone whos done a dinosaurs can do it. It is essentially 2 legs and a neck.

If you are willing to help me rig this model and perhaps a walk cycle I would be very thankfully and would include you in my films credits!

Please Pm me if you are interested!

New moa 1.7.blend (528 KB)

well the model is not finished like there are no eyes and it would help to have some kind of reference of moa skeleton

thank you for the reply, I appreciate the feedback

I didnt add the eyes because i was going to add them after rigging and link them to the head bone but i took your advice and added them in now.

New moa 1.8.blend (556 KB)

as for bone structure, i have been using this picture for my reconsrtuction.

I would be very thankful for anyone willing to help or give me feedback on my model

moa_rig.blend (3.45 MB)



moa_rig.blend (3.45 MB)

nice try on rigging a model and wyth custom bone sheips :eyebrowlift2: but you made first mistake and not looked up the model wyth many ngons and that’s NO NO for animaction but still nice work

Hey this is great! It looks very cool so far, im gonna play around with the bones but this looks exactly like what im looking for!

New moa 2_1.blend (859 KB)