Looking for a shader node tutorial that I lost - Can you help me find it again?

Hey guys!

Maybe you can help me.
About a week or 3 ago I found an awesome shader node tutorial on Youtube. But I didn’t save the link a now I can’t seem to find it anymore. Maybe You can help me find it again.
Not sure if it was part of Nodevember, I searched on that and couldn’t find it

What did the video show?
At the start, there were these 3 or 4 colourful spheres on a colourful canvass.
While the guys was showing what he would explain in the video, the spheres were changing colours and even disappearing and appearing in different sequences. It was almost like they where using booleans, except that they where using nodes only.

You could also see the guy in an in-video screen on the top right side.
And he also explained that this video was part of a series or result of a webinar of some sorts.

I Realy want to find this Tutorial.

If anyone has any idea please reply with a link.


Did you try looking into your Youtube play history? You can find it under the main menue. Provided you are logged in with your google account.
If not, maybe it is still in the browser history

I tried that. But no luck