Looking for a signal

Took me two and a half weeks to make, working on and off.
Inspired by an image by Simon Stalenhag.

Thanks for looking! -Rachel

I’m quite partial to these mixes between rural life and sci-fi, and this is one great example.
Keep making more like this, will you?

It looks like the perspective seen in the sky texture is a bit off, it looks a bit too ‘vertical’ right now.

Also, I’m not so sure what the lensflare halos in the upper right corner are supposed to be for, I don’t know if there’s any real relation to the light in that case.

The rest of the image is already looking good, just a few things left.

Thanks guys. I’m not sure about the glare, here is what it looks like without it.

Does it look better without it?

Amazing work, I realy like it. For the glare, I prefer whithout but I like the lightsource idea. You should keep it but work a little bit with the overall tone. But great job overall :slight_smile:

looks awesome!

it looks awesome.but if you make some more tiny details on the antena it may looks even better ; )

Cool concept. If you want the glare then add a story to it.
Great job once again :wink:

Nice scene, Rachel. I like the mood and feel of it. I think I prefer the first render.
(edit) it kind of reminds me of ‘POWER WINDOWS’ album cover art for the band ‘RUSH’

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and critiques, maybe in the future I’ll work some more on this project. I learned a lot from working on this image.