Looking for a similar material to Pokemon 3d Models

I was watching this video a while ago; it shows a turntable of Noivern in its wiremesh form, textured form, and animated form. In the ‘basic color textures’ 360 turnaround (2:47 to 2:48) the material looks a lot like blinn, but once it gets to the animation stage (2:49) the metallic sheen vanishes entirely.

  1. Does anyone know what material they were using for the texture in the animation stage (2:49)? If not, is there any way to achieve a similar effect?

  2. Also, at 2:41 I notice that there are a number of thick blue lines running along the entire model (for example, the ones defining the shape of the pecs, or the ones defining the lower abdomen). I notice that these thick blue lines do not vanish when the viewport shading is changed to solid at 2:43. Is anyone familiar with these thick blue lines along the mesh? What do they mean or indicate?