Looking for a skilled artist to create a 3D textured humanoid character model

I’m interested in hiring someone to create an original character model (fully rigged and poseable) in Blender for use in a personal work. I’ve included two reference pictures of the character in question.



I am working on something like that now. See full code http://www.pasteall.org/73878. Please send me the measurements of each part. I will attempt this at no charge. Sorry, this is mesh only. I am trying to learn rig and pose.

Wow what an amazinig community. It would be great to see your results. Also in PM. I would love it to see.

I hope this attachment is what you asked for. Improvements are comming soon. Please offer suggestions for improvement. I did not recieve a pm from you.

human5.blend (603 KB)

I’m sorry, b44, but this person is looking for a skilled artist. You are new, and I encourage you to continue learning. Keep up the good work, but this forum is for paid jobs, so if you volunteer, go to the volunteer jobs forum, not this one. Thanks!

Hi, cool character did you illustrate it yourself? Looks like a lot fun project. I’m sending you a link to my work through a PM