Looking for a skilled rigger/animator

I Am currently working a 2.5D fighting game like Street fighter 4 MKX etc. I am not too good at making animations or rigging for that matter.
I have some models that currently have a very basic rig but I really dont like them. I need high quality rigs and animations. Where when you bend the limbs the muscles also expand and contract realistically . I also need a great face rig and if possible the face rig be made mocap ready for easier use later.

I currently dont have all my characters but I have 16 total characters planned and I will pay for each character. I’m open to negotiations on the price of this service so quotes are welcome and if you have examples of your works that show what Im asking for then please show me the quality of your work.

Hello EternalRiftStud, please visit my website oha-studios.com and drop me message if any of my portfolio interest you. [email protected]

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