looking for a solution to speed up photogrammetry routine

Change BG image according with selected camera Hello, i’ve got a scene made with photogrammetry. Over 50 cameras from over 50 photos. I need to refine the geometry in the scene.
here is a screenshot from newtek lightwave.

another screen from blender https://yadi.sk/d/Ewkalb23WUjzf
i’ve got a whole bunch of scenes like this.
and i need a quick and simple way to change the view of the scene.
Change camera and change bg photo

Macro should do 2 simple things

  1. Find a name of active camera
  2. Change Bg item in accordance to the naming convention (undist_+(camera_name).jpg)

Can anybody help me with this?

This should do the trick, if you have just one background image and all the relevant images have been loaded into blender.

import bpy

def find_3dview_space():
    # Find 3D_View window and its scren space
    for a in bpy.data.window_managers[0].windows[0].screen.areas:
        if a.type == 'VIEW_3D':
            area = a

    space = area.spaces[0]

    return space

o = bpy.context.object # Reference active object

# Get active camera's name (active object, of type camera)
active_camera = ''
if o.type == 'CAMERA':
    active_camera = o.name

if active_camera:
    # Create filename according to convention    
    filename = "undist_%s.jpg" % active_camera

    space = find_3dview_space()

    # Set background image
    space.background_images[0] = bpy.data.images[ filename ]

I’ve been working on something for this very purpose. An add-on adapted from another Bundler import script.

Essentially it takes camera data generated by VSFM and translates it into an animated Blender camera with a sequence of images as the background… ignoring the point clouds, allowing for manual modeling… or at least that’s my goal.

I’m running into some issues lining up the data, or specifically the animated camera’s position, rotation and FOV, but I think the concept is sound… it’s just this math conversion is killing me. CloudCompare seems to have worked it out, but it’s been a long time since I’ve read C++ code, so adapting their logic into Python is proving to be… interesting. If anyone has any suggestions, I would not be insulted if they were offered.

My add-on gitHub Page: https://github.com/soniquev8/VSFMBundle_to_Blender

Helo, you are still developing this scrip? it would be helpful to have it in the current version of the blender