Looking for a specific tutorial and help

Hi, I am a complete noob on Blender, I have been watching a couple of tutorials on Youtube on getting around and using the program, but I admit it is going to take me a while before I could even use it properly for a project. I’m actually looking to create something that looks like a 3D brushed metal cube for some project that I’m currently working on. Unfortunately most tutorials doesn’t satisfy my need, I know it is not a hard task to do such thing, If any of the forumers here could teach me how to achieve those or simply just help me out with creating these metal cubes, it would be great. I still prefer a tutorial instead as I could help myself to do it again if I need to, thanks

Support request in disguise. Moved from “Jobs > Volunteer Work” to “Support > Materials and Textures”

what are your plans in terms of render engine?
the three engines (opengl, internal, cycles) in blender can do a good ‘brushed metal’, but with very different technics for each…
Anyway, you should search for ‘Anisotropic Reflections’ in the forums or google it, and you’ll find some good directions to follow.