Looking for a Teacher?

Im a 14yr old Blenderhead and im looking for a mentor/teacher. I really need someone to challenge me so i can improve my skills. if you are interested please PM me or reply. Please and Thanks.

What will be the refund? I don’t think much people want to teach 4 free.

ummmm. feeling like you did a good thing? im not quite sure…

to get a teacher that can push you the teacher would have to know your current skill level, and what you want to learn. there are lots of tutorials. if you are a beginner try starting out with this corse


there are also the contest and suport forums on this board. there is enough material online you should be able to learn what ever it is you want to do. dont limit yourself to one teacher, there are multiple ways to do the same thing, try them all and see which works best for you. when you get good enough post your projects in the works in progress board, you’ll get advice and tips to help you get better (and yes maybe some trolling to, just ignore that). this is one of the most helpful sites i have ever seen, people will help you out when they have the time. you dont need a single teacher, let the whole board teach you.

Welcome to the field of challenging yourself. Blender can never be truly learned as there is just so much out there … unless you are a genius greater than Stephen Hawkings. Master certain disciplines of blender, and bring for your renders along these. All the best!

I will teach, whatever I know, but with a little refund.

that should really be of help

Same here, but there won’t be any refund.

If you need any help message me and I will get back to you.

I’ll teach you for $100/ hour and I’ll teach you for 8 h/ day on weekdays.
For 5 weeks.
So that’s about $800/ day, and since I’m only doing weekdays, $4000/week.
Then for the total teaching time, $20,000 for 5 weeks(weekdays only) of Blender classes.
Animation, Modelling, Special FX Compositing, Particles, Fur and Hair, Water, etc.
UV Mapping*

*UV Mapping is a special feature which will be covered in a one day class for $500.

So act now, and pay 20% tax on the entire classes!
Or if you act later, (By tomorrow) you will pay 1% tax!!!
And if you’re late for class, a $400 late fee will be charged.
So act now and call 1-800-647-3463


Well, you could look at this forum as a type of teacher… simply post in Focused Critique and away you go.