Looking for a team for a top down open world game project!


(Ian Landry) #1

Myself and a small group are working on a top-down open world sandbox game. We are still in pre-development so I don’t have much to show you unfortunately. I can explain it simply though.

It’s a top down game similar in camera view to many 2D open world games like Realm of the Mad God, or the 2D Legend of Zelda games, though our game is 3D. We’re using a very simplistic art style with low-poly models, and bright vibrant colors. We have a mostly medieval fantasy setting, so swords and magic, similar to Elder Scrolls, DragonAge and the likes. Our twist is that relics have been found in our world and they are actually highly technically advanced machines. They’ve cropped up recently in our world but the technology has been used to modernize a few things, for example a hovertrain line between the two largest cities.
Core gameplay is hack’n’slash style with simple controls that still have depth. We also have some RPG elements, like being able to choose your race (human, elf, etc.) and having different starting points per choice, as well as a class system. If any of this interests you, please either PM me or reply to this thread and we can talk in more detail. :grinning:

Roles we need include (as of 11/22/18):
-Programmers (we’re using Unity)
-Concept Artists
-UI Designers (experience in Unity a plus)
Any help with story writing or modeling is also appreciated!

The project is entirely voluntary, and you can work on it on your own schedule. Deadlines are pretty much nonexistent, though we’ll have a progress check every couple weeks. The end goal is to eventually get it officially released, at which point payment is Rev-Share evenly between all members of the team.

Please if you have any questions and/or if you are interested at all, shoot me a PM and I’ll replay ASAP!
Thanks for reading and considering!

(Edited to reflect current roles we need as of Nov 22, 2018)

(Fried_Frankie) #3

Hey there saw that you want help with game dev, i have vast experience working in blender and am familiar working with unity. not to mention im making a game/games with a small team as well, hit me up if you want to talk more

(david hart) #4

hi, if it’s not to late
I have achieved a 2.1 in Computer Animation at Portsmouth University last year and I have spent these last few months refining some skills at the University of Dundee for a Masters Degree. During my time at Dundee I had sessions on new subjects such as storyboarding, scripting and concept art. With these skills and full of confidence and can adapt to any assignment that you task to me to do.
I am a very reliable, focused, diligent person who always goes the extra mile to meet deadlines and can handle pressure better than most people. Also, I enjoy adding ideas and angles to story and characters. It is these values that I can bring for me to develop.
Here is my website at https://www.purpleplatypus.art/
If you want to get know me better just contact me with my email address which is [email protected]

Regards Rob