Looking for a team for BGE game project


(Mr Lobo) #1

I am looking for a team for my game project called Battle Of Cube:Axe Of Soul.
This is a fighting game with cube fighting with they weapons.It just looks like a baby of krum

Now here is the list of jobs



(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

I think you should provide some more information about your project to get people to sign up for it :slight_smile:

(Nicholas_A) #3

give us some pictures, and a full rundown

(Mr Lobo) #4

(supernova12034) #5

The game is being made in a certain engine?
What language are you using for coding?

(Mr Lobo) #6

I will using python as usual

(Mr Lobo) #7

Can you help me making UI?

(supernova12034) #8

are you using blender game engine?

(Mr Lobo) #9

Yes I use BGE

(Benyamin Alousi) #10

hello am interested as modeler