Looking for a teammates - Drama/Romance/Tragedy Short Film


*DEMO REEL and commercial EXPERIENCE is NOT REQUIRED so that beginners will have a chance in joining the team

*DEADLINE for applications is on the 18TH of JULY 2014 (07/18/'14)

*If many SLOTS will NOT BE FILLED until the DEADLINE, the film project WILL DISCONTINUE.

*The film is approximately ONE AND A HALF MINUTE , and it would be made for about TWO AND A HALF MONTHS.

Who do I need?

-Writers/Story Artists (3)
-Storyboard Artists (2)
-Character Artists/Modellers(2)
-Rigging Artist (1)
-Environment Artists/Modeller (3)
-Lighting/Rendering Artists (2)
-Compositors (2)
-Character Animators (3)
-Audio Managers (2)


》Send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE or leave an E-MAIL at [email protected]

At least 17 more members needed…

Filled Positions: 3
1 Modeler, 1 Rigger, 1 Writer

What exactly are you planning?

What do you mean exactly? =D

this is one of my character models i made for a contest but, i was a few days late to enter it and decided to start using the models i make for contest for a move i’m working on.

hi, can you provide more information on the story?

I know professional animations with fewer people. I don’t even know if there is 17 people available on the forum right now

Anyway good luck on your project but i strongly suggest you to rethink your expectation.

I wonder how you wanna put Drama, Romance and Tragedy into 90 Seconds, but i guess that’s the reason why you need 3 Writers and 2 Storyboard Artists.

Maybe you should also seek out for :
-Voice Actors (3)
-Screenwriters (2)
-Special Effect Artists (4)
-Time Travel Scientists (1)

This is one of the most silly requests for Volunteers i have ever seen!
There is NO information about Story. Not even something about the Setting, Location or Characters.
There is NO information how and where you want to publish the Short-Movie.
There is just a long list for required Volunteers without any explaination why you need especially those.

I really hope it’s just a Joke, because you can’t seriously think that Volunteers would be amazed by this.