Looking for a technical artist


we are a bunch of Polandball fans and we are working on a game in this universe.
We are looking for a technical artist with some decent understanding of VFX, post-processing and shaders (preferably all but not necessarily).
Our project’s Facebook page (there isn’t much on it anyway heh :slight_smile: ): https://www.facebook.com/polandballdev.polandballdev.3

The team we have right now is quite decent. We have C# covered (I am a senior game developer myself), concepts, sounds and music as well as animation and modelling.
The only thing missing is a god-damned technical artist.

This is a freelance position and paid (per task). Send your expectations.
For highly skilled individuals even equity is an option (if you believe we will make any money with that idea of course haha).

Would be good if you were a fan of Polandball, and games like Heroes, Hearthstone, Warcraft or anything that requires a little bit of thinking and is set in a fantasy world. :slight_smile:

Being an EU citizen is a (tiny) plus as it simplifies paperwork a bit.


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Hey PolandballDev,

Your project sounds really awesome! I really like the concepts you’ve come up with. I have a lot of experience with game projects like this and VFX experience with game assets. I think my experience would be a great fit for this job

Check out some samples of my work and let me know if you would want me to work on this project

ArtStation - Anthony Pilcher


Hi! I’m Cristian from Spain, 3d generalist freelance (and solodev in my spare time)
I can perform any task: 3d model, unwrap, rig, skin, animation, set it up in unity or unreal…

For some examples of my previous work check out my sites:

If you are interested in my profile feel free to MP or mail to: [email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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