Looking for a texture artist for a Free to Play Singleplayer FPS game


I am making a Free to Play, Non-Profit Single Player First Person Shooter that runs on the Unity Engine.
The gameplay takes lots of inspiration from Half-Life 2, and the catch is that instead of new guns,
the player unlocks new characters that all have their own guns and tools, and the player can choose
at the start of a mission what character the player wants to play as.
The player is part of an organisation that has to travel through the gameworld and enter different
dimensions to collect artifacts and with them, defeat an ultimate evil.

I am looking for a texture artist, beginner or pro, who can make futuristic looking textures for environments, guns/tools and characters.

I have already finished a few models, the concept and started with the blockout of the first map in
Unity. There is also an programmer, so I don’t do all of that on my own.

The only ressource that we have is our time, and things are basically done when they are done, so
there are pretty much no to very little “deadlines” and we take as much time as we need.

If you are interested and/or want further details, then send me a private message here or add me on Discord “Schinamo #5856” which is our preffered communication method.

There are also two or three pictures of the guns or characters that will be playable in the game. Next to texturing skills, modeling skills are also appreciated as well. If you are a beginner and you are interested, make sure to message me as well!

Thanks in advance!


Pushing this a bit with a Concept Art of another character. Besides that, there are also going to be some biomechanical elements, especially in the more horror parts of the game.
Basically every texture artist on every level is free to send me a message!