Looking for a texture artist - Simulator Project

Hello all, I am new to Blender forums, and I currently need a texture artist for my flight simulator project that I am programming in C++ for the Windows operating system.

I need somebody who can do high quality textures, and will be willing to contribute them for free. They will get credit in the Fighters Tactical Warfare website (my simulator), and also in the release of the sim.

Also, in the future, some payment may be given when I receive some money from donations and shareware options in FightersTW.

So if you like texturing, and especially if you like texturing aircraft and know a lot about them, enough to get good paints and detail, I’d be glad.

When you are the texture artist for FTW, I will ask you if you can do a certain couple paints, give or take a few, of a certain aircraft and era + scheme, so I might have you do a Falklands style camo Harrier GR.3, or a Russian Air Force paint of the Ka-50 Hokum.

If you are willing, please say so here and maybe show an image or two of works done by you!

Simulator website:

Simulator forum:

Thank you,

  • Josiah