Looking for a texture for a race ship model

Hi All! I’m new to this forum and I need help to make UV texture for a race ship model.
I’m experimenting with models in blender but I always have difficulty to draw UV textures.
I’ve learned to make complex UV bu selecting top faces first, bottom faces, front and back faces and position them in a UV pack, but I can’t get result with photoshop designing…
Is there anybody that can help me? (the result should be like a feisar race ship of 2ip3out).

I’ve attached the model.

Thanks in advance!


SmoothShip2.blend (483 KB)

Hello there and welcome

I would be happy to help on this but first i am curious to know what you would be planning to do with this, are you going to use as a game model?,animation,both or plan on taking some still images?
Taking a look into your blend file, this would serve as a good start (what i would use) to blocking out the ship and i would be willing to help model a high poly,lowpoly and texture work for my own practice.
my aim would be something like this [ATTACH=CONFIG]330503[/ATTACH]
I do understand you are looking for UV advice but the model you have is very low poly (hence why i ask what you plan to do with the model).
Im just suggesting, like i said i wouldnt mind tryn my hand at something like this myself.
let me know and i will see what i can do.


First of all thanks for your reply!
Then, I’m making a race ship game like wip3out in Unity 3D. My modela are for this game.
I’ve learned blender by youtube videos that use low poly models…
Sorry but your link at the attachment doesn’t work.
Bitwise if you want help me I’ll very appreciate your work!
Keep in mind only that i need wip3out style models but smoothed.
Thank you very much, I’ll wait for a reply!

PS There is another example model, low poly smoothed


SmoothShip3.blend (481 KB)