Looking for a Toggle visibility of modifiers add-on

Hello guys! I’ve been googling for this add-on without any luck. I really would love to have a toggle switch for addons that work outside edit mode

Screenshot taken from: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oAX2lz

Standard add-on “Modifiers Tools” can it.

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Amazing!!! thanks for showing me this :100:

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That will only toggle the modifier for whatever is currently highlighted.

I just learned a new trick from @Kurtis, using a single driver to toggle ALL objects at once for each modifier.

  1. Create a bone and limit it’s location to just one axis with a small range of movement (i.e. 1 unit) using Limit Location bone modifier.

  2. Set the bone modifier to Local Space with For Transform toggled on.

temp 1

  1. Add a driver to the viewport display button on the desired object modifier.

temp 2

  1. Set the driver to Minumum Value and point it at the bone. Set the Type and Space parameters to what you set the bone’s modifier to (Z Location and Local Space).

temp 3

Now you can copy that driver to every other modifier you want to toggle with that one control bone.

By sliding the bone to it’s maximum location, you toggle the modifiers all at once.

Here’s my little control panel I created for my toggle.

@Kurtis has some far more complex set-ups on his models, allowing him to toggle subsurf, bevel, edge sharp, etc., as well as for controlling moving parts on his finished models. The man is a genius!

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During retopology for instance, I set up a Displacement modifier, then a Subdivision Surface modifier and on top a Mirror modifier. Does this addon allow you to toggle just the Subdivision Surface modifier?

No, modifier tools won’t do that. It only works on the modifiers for each separate object and only applies them all at once.

Use my method I borrowed from @Kurtis, adding a separate driver/switch for each type of modifier. You can also easily add a separate driver/switch to toggle all types of modifiers at once.

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It will probably be a while before we will see a ‘Show End result’ toggle to be able to toggle parts of the modifier stack off, like you can in Max.

Show end result

Ideally, that’s what I would like to have with just a simple keyboard shortcut. Perhaps it is possible to have a show/ hide Nth modifier (e.g. disable the 3rd and 5th in the viewport) with a UI similar to the shading styles?

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