Looking for a tool that trims a 3D animation video accurately

Hi! What is the name of a tool/software that can trim/cut a video accurately? I tried to trim with VLC but the results aren’t good. The tool I’m gonna use is for trimming 3D animation videos in particular

Blender VSE… hehe…


Blender VSE, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Lightwave, Can go on if needed!


I hope you didn’t meant trimming a non lossless format? Because cutting in between i-frames always is messy.

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I actually don’t know what’s a non lossless format :sweat_smile:

Lossless Cut is great: https://github.com/mifi/lossless-cut/releases

No one ever mentions Kdenlive but this is to me the easiest to use for quick edits and it’s open-source.

DaVinci Resolve is the best software (and free), but it can be daunting for simple projects.


Or try the open source OpenShot, but if you only need precise trimming/cutting use e.g. online Video Toolbox for bigger files.

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Watch this Blender Jedi Man, He trimmed the hell out of the damn thing thing!

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I found Shotcut lacking in features compared to Kdenlive, it’s a pretty good option though. I would rank the big three FOSS video editors as:

  1. Kdenlive
  2. ShotCut
  3. OpenShot
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I happen to now use Final Cut Pro® on my Mac, because I use it for a number of different things and I’m quite used to it. But I can vouch for both ShotCut and OpenShot as being excellent, solid tools. And, Blender’s built-in video editor is actually not bad either, once you get used to it.

Reading the original post, though, I’m really not entirely sure what your problem is. What, exactly, do you mean by “trimming […] accurately?” And, “exactly what does ‘inaccurate’ look like?”

Sorry for my late answer.

  • About the none lossless i mentioned see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_compression_picture_types
    esspecially the i-frames.
  • so maybe: just what @sundialsvc4 asked again: If your cut is from A-B, some software can just copy the stream from the next i-frame after A to the last before B but they have to reencode from start to A and B to end… So maybe someone does a bad job at this or just cut from the last i-frame before A to the next i-frame after B. So someone who doesn’t know see this as inaccurate ??
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Let’s say there is a video that is 2 minutes long, but I want only a few seconds out of these 2 minutes, say 1:05 - 1:10. When I tried doing that with VLC, it didn’t trim from 1:05 but rather from 1:07 or so. I want a software that trims where I want it to.

Take any video, not necessarily an animation video, and the software I use (VLC) doesn’t do the job

You’d be better off converting your video to individual frames if you want precision, codecs in video do funny things, as Oki said.

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I’ve never converted a video to individual frames. Do I use a software to do that? I’m a noob when it comes to this

Blender can do it.

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Video compression algorithms can cause a certain amount of “slide” in available timecodes.

If you control the animation source, re-render it in a file-per-frame format that is intended for data-transfer uses, such as “OpenEXR.”

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