Looking for a tutor?

(Posted earlier about skin textures to buy, but I would also like to learn!)

Hello, artists. I’m looking for a Blender expert, or highly skilled person to tutor me. Someone who will have all the answers to my questions and turn me from a Blender hero to zero.

I know absolutely nothing about Blender, but I have a year’s experience in 3D modeling in another software, Daz Studio. So I understand the fundamentals.

– Learn to make realistic human characters for video game. Visual Novels, so a lot of posing. (Creating the high quality models is by far the most important thing. So texturing, sculpting, etc is very important)

– Don’t need to learn animation

I’m looking to pay like $20 an hour, but I would like to learn a couple hours a day if possible? Maybe a month? (obviously might take longer if you are busy) So I’m thinking of spending around $1500 for this or so, which is my budget. But we can talk about prices, no prob.

Please send me a personal message if you are interested

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hello i sent you a message a please check and thank you!

Hero to a zero huh?

I can really recommend the following Udemy course:

It will save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

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