Looking for a tutorial / help

i have been working on a hand model for a little bit and i have the bone setup right i can get it to move like i want pretty much but i cant make a hand to save my life i would like to if possable see a video tutorial on making stuff like that but a writen one will do if there are any im trytin to make a character for somthing to work on but i cant make models and if there are any tutorial on making models i would appricate that very much

thanks wayne fox III


I dont really get your question…

Do you want to model a hand? In that case http://jlp.nerim.net/tutorials/hands-modelling/hands-tuto-01.html

Or do you already have a hand and you want to animate it?

btw this should be asked in the blender general

good luck

thanks sorry i didnt word it correctly i guess that is what i was looking for though how to model a hand because i have the skeleton setup already afyet words i can animate it but i didnt know how to make a mesh hand to begin with thanks